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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Illest mama!

So there she iz, the gal of my dreams 
riding the bike of my dreams like a demon
...eeh.. nope, sorry.. fantasy!
To be or not to be with her
is undoubtingly the easiest Q 
I ever had to answer! 

Hells yes!

 I keep on screamin! and I don´t stop!

Bassman Trialrun!

Puttin this here dreambike together for my soon 2b wife! Took it for a spinnitz and ended up at the King Tubby Cafe´. Blablabla with Nils and then back home for a tune up!! Now she runs great! Next step: Bodywork and a fake tank!
Again and again and again = Melanin

Fixed and furious!

Ran into Mattias and his lovely Foxy Fixie 
on my way home after a trial run with The Bassman
Eye Candy!  
Bike Candy!  
Dandy Candy!

Slumvillage Discopants

Black Monday!

Cooking up some tar with Svarte Sören was a 
treat beond the ordinary. Not only is he a fine looking man but hes also a great storyteller! Further more,
his way of living inspires me to get my shit in order 
so I can enjoy life in a more joyful way!  
Thank you so much  
Svarte Sören!
But make no mistake, Svarte Sören 
gotsum seriuos snus-spittin moves that gonna fuck you up real good,

Smokeout with Madlib!